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What’s Real Talk?

Real Talk is a community-led, grassroots coalition created to bring more diverse voices to the table so we can better meet the needs of all Florida students. Florida PTA, the NAACP Florida State Conference, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, LULAC, the Florida Council of Churches and numerous other civil rights, education and community organizations from across the state have banded together to identify and support solutions that help Black, Hispanic, low-income and other underrepresented students succeed in school and beyond.

Every child deserves a quality education.



Florida public schools have made significant gains in math and reading state exam results over the years. Unfortunately, all too often some children are still denied an education that meets their needs and that prepares them for college, career and life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Together, we can make a difference.

What’s your story?

We want to hear from YOU. What’s your experience with a public school in your neighborhood? Do you have an idea that can help improve student success?